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This project was a response to the Lighting Association's competition brief 'Delight In Light'. I created a modular system that utilised the idea of 'Physical Dimming". Each individual section of the light had it's own light source which could be powered when connected to the master block. The light becomes brighter as each block is connected in a chain via the conductivity plates (which are completely harmless when touched).  A variety of arrangements can be achieved dependant on the user's environment and needs. 


This was a collaborative project where we attempted to eradicate stereotypical behaviour by giving children the choice. We designed and made reversible dress-up costumes, with matching reversible packaging, that independently would be seen as very masculine or feminine. We hoped this would encourage stereotypical behaviour from parents, and so only the child would be aware that there was an alternative costume inside and the choice would be entirely with them.



A professional project for Barclays. My appointed role was Project Manager for the student body of a multidisciplinary team of designers and film producers that were asked to improve the user experience and usability of Barclays' services. My responsibilities included overseeing and contributing to all interaction/service design elements of the project, as well as planning, executing and closing the project. I was also in charge of documenting the processes involved in a project report.

This project involved user research, paper prototyping and creating wireframes to help the client understand our process and designs. This project reviewed current technology applications and used future gazing for concept generation. This also included working with a production team to produce short films for certain user scenarios.


A pop-up-shop style project where we had to showcase our skills by producing products to sell at a christmas market. I created a range of home wares and accessories which featured my illustrations, including a moustache print in support of 'Movember'.  


Second year project where our task was to rejuvenate and modernise the idea of the traditional Airfix Playset. Many workshops with primary school children were carried out to test our products and to gain insights into what a current 6-8 year old wants from a toy. I maintained all the key principles of Airfix, including the building element and teamwork, as well as incorporating a story and characters to maintain interest ( and to make the range collectable). I made the package gender inclusive and an environmental theme ran throughout.  


Finalists submission for a live competition set by Marks & Spencer. The brief asked for new packaging for certain products that would comply with the "Plan A' sustainability ethos of the company. My main focus was to reduce the amount of food wastage as this makes up 80% of household waste in the UK. I devised a bacon pack that retained the original pack size but divided it into smaller, perforated packs that held the perfect portion of bacon. One could be used and the others saved for another day or frozen without the risk of spoiling. I also reduced the carbon footprint of the pack by replacing the material with corn starch coated bullrush, which is a highly sustainable material and shares many properties with plastic coated cardboard. 


'Mix Dish’ is about discovery... A way to introduce new music and new recipes.' Think of it as a culinary dating agency: Take the characteristics of an ingredient and pair it with those of a song and it’s like a match made in heaven! 

More and more people are choosing to cook and entertain at home. For most, music is an essential part of this experience. With new integrated music systems available on the market, accessing the worlds music library has never been easier. So how do you choose what to listen to? 

I began to wonder how music could be more related to either the recipe or the ingredients, would it be possible to let the cooking generate the music? What would Spaghetti Bolognese sound like? The resulting app, Mix Dish, explores this concept.


Ravensbourne is one of a handful of specially selected colleges to take part in this very exclusive competition. We were asked by the Japanese pen company Zebra to redesign a standard ball-point pen and a marker pen in a way that reflected our culture. I based my designs on two famous natural landmarks of the United Kingdom.


I took on the task of creating the branding for our course to be used at the Degree Show and later at New Designers. I designed posters, small pamphlets, look books and banners, each customised to meet the specific requirements of every student, while maintaining an overall theme.